Rice Miller & Marketer of Rice

For decades, B.K. Agro Products has been active in exporting Indian rice all over the world & known as the standard for quality, reliability, and integrity in the rice industry.

High quality standards and stringent quality check in every stage of production has helped us to build our own reputation in the Rice Industry

Swarna Rice

We produce different varieties of swarna rice to cater the needs of different market sectors.


Owing to its health benefits this variety of rice is widely consumed all around the globe.

Minikit Rice

Our Minikit rice is known in the market for its premium quality and superior grade.

Single Boiled Rice

We are very known for our quality throughout the peninsular India for our quality supply of Single bolied rice.

Would you like to opt for a shipment with us?

Our rice products can be shipped in bulk or in packages ranging from a one pound up to a one metric ton bag. Modes of shipment range from containers to ocean going vessels.